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How to apply to seeds: 

Step 1: Request a tour and meeting with Ms. Amy 

Step 2: Read through the policy handbook and tuition information posted below. Get in touch if you have any questions! 

Step 3: Secure the spot! Fill out interest form below and Ms. Amy will email you the enrollment forms and contract. 

2023-2024 Policy Handbook

Policy Handbook

Licensing & Certifications: 

I am a licensed by the state of Maine. A copy of my license is available to you upon request. My licensor's name is Deanna Miles, and you can reach her at 207-557-0096. Additionally, I am Maine State certified  K-8 teacher and am currently taking graduate coursework in early childhood education.  

I am a Mandated Reporter:

I am a state-mandated reporter of suspected physical or sexual abuse of children. This means that if I have reason to believe that any child in my care has been neglected or abused, I am required by state law to report this to my licensor or to the local child protection office. If you suspect that any child in my program is being physically or sexually abused, please talk to me immediately. If you wish to report suspected abuse or neglect, you may contact my licensor or the local child protection office 1-800-452-1999.  

Behavior Guidance & Expectations:

At seeds we strive for "peaceful play." Overall we work towards a harmonious and peaceful environment that is teaming with creativity and exploration (and playful learning!). We recognize the need to have more peace in our world and therefore avoid violent playacting or pretend gun play. Social emotional learning is at the forefront of everything that we do here at seeds and work towards teaching the children how to grow together each day. We help them work through friendship hiccups and how to communicate with each other during the inevitable times of friction. We use behavior guidance and redirection that is fair, reasonable, and suited to the developmental stage of your child.  We have consistent and clear expectations and boundaries and have found a great deal of success in guiding children through these early stages of development. If your child exhibits a severe behavioral problem (such as consistent biting, hitting or willful destruction of toys or materials), I will discuss this with you and ask for your cooperation in coming up with a solution to the problem. If the problem cannot be resolved, your child may need to be removed from the program. 


Students must be potty trained to attend seeds. While we are happy to assist with the occasional accidents, we strive to have students fully potty-trained by the time they come to our program. 

Drop off & Pick up

Morning Program: 

Drop off in the morning is between 8:15am-8:30am*. Pick up time is between 10:50am--11:00am.  Earlier drop offs and later pickup times may be possible for an additional fee. Contact us if you need to discuss these options. Students attending the afternoon preK program at SeDoMocha have the option of being transported there for an additional fee.  

Afternoon Program: 

Drop off is at 2:40pm and pick up is between 4:15pm-4:30pm. SeDoMoCha students wishing to attend the afternoon program will need to be transported by a parent/guardian to seeds OR have the option to ride a bus from SeDo to the bottom of Lincoln Street.  A note will need to be sent to SeDoMoCha indicating that your child will be riding the bus to seeds. Bus # TBD. 

*We believe in a parent-led, gentle drop off. If your child has a hard time separating from you, please know that you are welcome to join us at seeds for as long as your child needs to feel comfortable. If, on the other hand, you have to "drop and go", rest assured that we will text you updates on your child should they feel upset. If your child does not settle within 5 minutes, I will call you. We recognize that the separation process can take some time for some children and we are more than happy to take the process slowly.  We will follow your lead! 

Outdoor Play: 

At seeds we are strong proponents of the benefits of fresh air! We strive to explore outside every day that the temperature is over 5 degrees. Please send your student in warm, layered clothes and appropriate outdoor foot wear.   Make sure to send in extra clothing each day as we will be getting wet and gloriously muddy! Oaki rain suits will be provided to all students. 

Clothing & Supplies

Please make sure your child has a full set of clothing in their backpacks. Please label all items. 

Food & Nutrition:

We are participates in the USDA nutritional food program. At snack time your child will be provided with a serving of fruit or vegetables, a whole grain, and milk. Children will have access to fresh water in which they can serve themselves. We will have community snack in which the children wash the table, set the table, serve one another, and then tidy up after themselves. 

Birthdays & Celebrations:

We enjoy the Montessori Celebration of a Life tradition on children's birthdays.  You are welcome to join us for this celebration if you like and you are welcome to send in a special snack as well!

Volunteers & Substitutes: 

I may hire a substitute caregiver in the event of an emergency or illness. The substitute will meet all state child care regulations. If possible, I will notify you through our seeds Instagram chat the night before. Additionally, there will be many volunteers coming in to seeds. We believe firmly in the benefits of a multigenerational community and will be asking a number of local friends to share their time and talents with us!

Privacy Policy:

 I will do all that I can to protect your family's privacy. I will keep your records and information about your child and your family private and confidential unless I have your permission to reveal specific information (such as your phone number or email address to other parents). 

Anti-discrimination Policy:

 I will not discriminate against any child, parent, or family for reasons of race, color, sex, age, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, or public assistance status. 

Sick Child Policy:

 If you child is not "themselves" and is not feeling well, please keep them home where they will be most comfortable. If you child becomes ill during the morning, I will isolate your child from the other children and call you to pick up your child. I expect you (or your designated contact) to pick up your child within a half hour of my call. 

If your child has any of the symptoms below, he or she will not be permitted to attend school until 24 hours after the last bout of fever, vomiting, or diarrhea or until 24 hours after medical treatment has begun as prescribed by a physician: 

-a fever of 99*F or higher

-sore throat

-persistent coughing

-runny nose with green mucus

-a skin rash 

-diarrhea, vomiting, or upset stomach

-conjunctivitis/pink eye

-any parasitic infestation (lice, scabies, etc). 

-discharge from the eyes or ears

-chicken pox

-any other communicable or contagious disease

I will notify you of any exposure to contagious illness, disease, or infection within 24 hours of when I become aware of it. I will expect you to notify me via text (207) 717-8389 either the evening before or morning of school if your child will not come to seeds due to illness, contagious disease, or for any other reason. 

COVID-19: If your child or any member of your household has been exposed to a positive COVID-19 case, your child will need to quarantine from seeds for 5 days and may only return when they are no longer symptomatic. 

Head lice: the child must be treated and nit-free before returning to seeds. If a case of head lice is found at seeds, all parents will be notified and everyone in my home will be checked. 


You are required to keep your chid current with all immunizations. Each time your child is immunized, you are required to promptly send in an updated copy of your child's immunization record. 


I have a bouncy black lab named Fred that will be kept away from the children during seeds. 

Field Trips:

We do plan to offer a few local walking field trips to the local fire station, local parks, and the Thompson Free Library. On every field trip I will carry a first aid kid and emergency contact numbers just in case. 

Emergency Policy:

To reduce the risk of fire, I follow the fire safety rules regarding smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. I teach the children that if there is ever a fire in the house, they should go outside to the white arbor in the front garden. 

If you child is ever involved in a serious or life-threatening emergency, I will 911 and get immediate medical care and then I will call you as soon as possible. If your child child is involved in an emergency that is not serious or life-threatening, I will call you as soon as possible. My emergency plan includes: 

-a fire escape plan posted 

-an emergency meeting place away from the home

-fire drills each month 

-an emergency plan for transporting children

-My emergency contact: Nick Cannon 207-717-9535

My home has smoke detectors and fire extinguishers necessary to comply with state fire safety laws. If we need to relocate, we will walk down to Bob's Hardware Store and I will notify you. 

Termination Policy:

 If you decide that seeds is not an appropriate fit for your child, kindly give a courtesy two-week notice before ending the contract. seeds reserves the right to terminate this contract at will should the arrangement not be an appropriate fit. 

2023-2024 Tuition, Fees, & Program Descriptions

Morning Preschool Program: 

Let's talk about money.  seeds is a 40-week preschool program and payment is based on a 40 week school-year tuition model which means tuition is expected for each of the 40 weeks from September to June regardless of absences, snow days, vacation weeks, or other interruptions to the posted seeds schedule. 

Two Mornings a Week for 40 Weeks: $267.00 Monthly (9 equal monthly installments, paid on the 1st of the month)

Four Mornings a Week for 40 Weeks: $533.00 Monthly (9 equal monthly installments, paid on the 1st of the month)

A $50.00 consumable material and registration fee is due with the contract to hold your spot in the program.

If you decide to leave the program before the end of the school year, two weeks of tuition will be kindly expected upon departure. 

Afterschool Enrichment Program: 

During our time together children will have opportunities to play, create art projects, explore the thematic content, and dive deep into subjects that interest them. The guiding questions I will ask them is: "What do you want to learn?" "What interests you?" This mixed age cohort may also have the opportunity to work on group projects together such as reader's theatre productions or stop-motion film making. 

-SeDoMoCha students will have the opportunity to take a bus from SeDo to the bottom of Lincoln Street. Please let me know if this transportation is needed as Jenny Chase at Rowell's Garage will need a headcount! 

The fee is $15.00/day per child and due weekly or monthly if coming full time (four afternoons a week!). 

A $20.00 consumables fee is due upon registration. This fee pays for art supplies, as well as other consumable materials we will use throughout the year. 

Drop off & Pick up "Overtime Fees":

Drop off in the morning is between 8:15am-8:30am. Pick up is anywhere from 10:50am-11:00am. 

After school drop off is 2:40pm and pick up is 4:30pm. SeDoMoCha students wishing to ride a bus from SeDo to the bottom of Lincoln Street will have that option! 

Any early drop off or late pick up fee equal to $5.00 shall be made per 10 minute intervals that you are either earlier than 8:15am or later than 11:00am (or 4:30pm for the afternoon session). 

Transport to SeDoMoCha Fee:

If you child attends the afternoon preK program at SeDoMoCha, I may be able to transport them. We leave seeds at 11:40am and arrive at SeDo at 11:45am. The per diem fee for transport is $10/day per day transport is needed. 

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