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Testimonials: What Parents Are Saying

"My child has attended Seeds, LLC for 3 years. This dynamic program has grown with my child, offering exploration, self-expression and countless educational opportunities. This year, my child has needed a little extra support and Amy has worked with me and the local public school to help guide us through challenges. My child has developed an incredible bond with Miss Amy - one that will last a lifetime. I know that my child is supported at Seeds, LLC and I feel listened to as a parent. Additionally, the lessons at Seeds, LLC, go above and beyond - everything is organized, colorful, creative and inclusive. I am so glad we made the decision to have our child attend Seeds."


"Seeds School has provided a space for our son to grow socially, emotionally and intellectually. The richness of the curriculum and their vast knowledge of how to guide young minds while, most importantly, supporting the age appropriate development, creates a place where each child thrives and is able to fully reach their potential."

-Dr. Kristen W

"Our family is thrilled to be a part of seeds. The environment Amy has created is unmatched. My daughter has learned new skills while being able to showcase her individuality as she progresses into each new phase of development. From the photos that are shared in the parent group each day is a new, fun adventure."

-Lauren G

"Seeds is everything that I wanted for my child and so much more. The environment is filled with beautiful and interesting displays created specifically to be engaging and playful. Learning through play is such an amazing gift for children of all ages. We are so grateful for Miss Amy and her incredible program.