Early Learning & After School Enrichment 

the seeds experience

At seeds we strive to create immersive educational experiences for children that spark and nurture their love of learning.  Our thematic units of study change every couple of weeks depending on student interest and engagement. We are inspired by the philosophy of Maria Montesssori and incorporate a number of her tenets into our daily practices. All of our units incorporate early literacy, math, and practical life activities that are guided by a philosophy of playful learning.  

Mariah Bruehl encapsulates our philosophy of education when she says: "Our belief in the unlimited potential of children is at the heart of all we do. We believe that all children are budding scientists, artists, mathematicians, authors, and scholars and have an inherent drive to learn and make a positive impact on the world. Playful Learning is the magic that takes place when you meld a child's natural sense of curiosity with thoughtfully planned learning experiences."  

We currently have two program offerings on Mondays-Thursdays

Some examples of our many playful learning experiences: 

Thanksgiving Pie Stand

Veterinarian & Doctor's Clinic

   Architecture & Landmarks


Valentine's Post Office

Prokofiev's Peter & the Wolf

Famous Artists 



The Human Body



Community Helpers & Vehicles

Ramadan & Families


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